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Senior Development Associate

YES Housing, Inc. is seeking a Senior Development Associate to act as a project manager with the primary responsibility of ensuring that new construction and rehabilitation projects are completed on budget and on schedule. The job will assist with all phases of development including planning community outreach, predevelopment, and construction management. 

Job responsibilities include the following but are not limited to:

-Soliciting professional services as needed for the project and the phase as assigned. 
-Overseeing and coordinating construction team members: architect, general contractors, and any professional consultants.

-Guiding projects through public approvals including zoning and permitting and all phases of construction.

-Communicating and working with people at all levels: citizens, board, grantors, consultants, etc.

-Developing and managing the budget and schedules for the project, ensuring compliance with funder’s requirements. Tracking all spending and making sure the projects are completed within budget and schedule; developing and managing a “development standard specification” which describes the critical construction projects and systems needed and to be incorporated into projects so as to provide consistency and serviceability of YES Housing, Inc, properties. 
-Anticipating critical issues, potential problems and risks and finding solutions for those. 
-Assisting with project due diligence to assure project completion.

Bachelor’s degree required with a higher preference given to a degree in facilities management, construction management, engineering, architecture, urban planning, community development and public policy or related field preferred. Advanced certificates in facilities management, construction, and construction trades may also be considered.

Five years in property development. Experience with affordable residential, mixed use and/or community facility or commercial projects is desirable. 

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